Fundiciones Río Ebro

The company was established in 1966 by Don Rafael Bernal Mateo, currently directed by the second and third generation, the company aims to casting parts of BRASS and BRONZE using GRAVITY DIE CASTING and SHELL MOULDING process.

With over 50 years of experience, Fundiciones Rio Ebro is a highly qualified team that allows to offer high quality service from project conception to the finish product.

Fundiciones Rio Ebro adapts itself to their customer’s needs, and strives with transparency to develop a mutual trust between supplier and customer, allowing for efficient use of its opportunities that enhance production and product quality, benefiting both sides.

Aware that the nature of our work could affect the environment, Functions Río Ebro develops a continuous improvement process, evaluated periodically based on the control of atmospheric emissions and generation of waste, established in the Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015.

With a production higher than the national average in our specialty, Fundiciones Rio Ebro has a portfolio of clients in various sectors, both in the national and international market.

Fundiciones Río Ebro - Don Rafael Bernal Mateo
Don Rafael Bernal Mateo
Fundiciones Río Ebro - Filosofía


Serve well to always serve


To be the reference in manufacturing by foundry processes, to reach maximum customers satisfaction.


Offer to our customer practical, technical and innovative solutions with lower cost in manufacturing by foundry processes. we believe that transparency is a key to serve well, that allows us to create trust between the supplier and the customer, making possible to seek and propose new ways to achieve better results.

Customer Support


Fundiciones Río Ebro - Transparencia


Fundiciones Río Ebro - Colaboración


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Fundiciones Río Ebro - Trabajo en equipo

Team Work

Fundiciones Río Ebro - Mejora continua

Continuous Improvement

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Environment Care